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Sexual Politics in the Colonial Context of Palestine
The Second Academic School for Sexual & Gender Diversity
September, 1-3, 2016 \\ Palestine

alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society is pleased to announce the opening of the registration for the second academic school for sexual and gender diversity in Palestine.

With this initiative we aim to develop a deeper understanding of concepts of sexual and gender differences as well as arrive at appropriate definitions that relate to the particularities of Palestinian society. This year’s academic school will discuss the following themes:

  • Sexual and Gender Politics, including theories and key concepts in sex, gender, and different sexual and gender orientations;
  • The dialectical relationships between social systems and the colonial context of Palestine around sexual discourses and activism;
  • Strategies of Decolonizing Sexualities

The program will have a mix of lectures, workshops, and various other activities over a span of three days and is intended for activists, academics, and professionals with academic and intellectual interest in topics related to sexual and gender diversity, sexual politics, and the central questions discussed through this program.

The entire program will be conducted in Arabic ONLY.

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